A3: 2 RFQ of:
60 Seconds Easy Air Bike
15 Banded Good Morning
10 Paces Banded Monster Walk Left/Right/
10 Paces Banded Monster Walk Forward/Backward/
5 Strict T2B/
60 Seconds Plank
B: Clean DeadLift (6 Minutes To A Heavy Single)
**1 Bar per team/Want to ge heavy on the metcon, earn your metcon weight
As a team quickly build to a heavy single @20X1
Score= Total weight moved
C1: 3 RFQ of:
3-4 Deadlift/
3-5 Calorie Bike/
3-5 Burpees
Use as a warm up for C2, practice pacing, strategy, scaling and transitions; Rest 30 Seconds between rounds and 60 Seconds before C2
C: Every 5 Minutes X 4 Rounds:
20 Deadlift (55-65% of B)/
25 Calorie Air Bike/
30 Lateral Bar Burpee
@90% Hard