B: Partner WOD
5 RFT of:
400M Run
20 Burpees
2 Rope Climb
75 Air Squat
In teams of 2/Run together/Partition burpee, rope climb, air squat as needed/Score= Total time to complete 5 rounds
C: Partner WOD
9 Minute AMRAP of:
100M Ski (5/3)
10 Each Alternating D.B. Hang Power Clean + Jerk (50/35#)
20 BallSlam (20/15#)
In teams of 2/Partners will alternate movements/Partner A row, partner B rest/When Partner A finishes Row, Partner B will begin row while Partner A rest/When B has finished Row, A will begin db hpc+jerk, while B rest/Continue in this fashion for 9 Minutes/Score= total rounds and reps completed in 9 Minutes