8 Minutes of Shoulder/Hip Mobility (Click links for details)

A1- 3 Minutes Air Bike @ 80% RPE
A2- NFT- 12 OHS @4242 (45/35/15/PVC)
10 Kang Squat (same weight)
10 Squat Jump (same weight)
+ Max Reps UB Prone BTN Snatch Grip OH Press (PVC)

B- Squat-2/2/2@90% of 08/22/16 @2111; 2-3 Minutes Rest Between Sets

C- OH Squat- 2/2/2/2@90% of 08/21/16 @40X1; 2 Minutes Rest Between Efforts

D- 10 Minute AMRAP of:
5-10 HSPU
5 Strict Ring Dip
5 Each D.B. Step Up (20/18″ Box @ 45/25#X2 or HBD)
25 Double Unders @80-90% Hard But Sustainable Pace

718 Strength 

A – Warm-up
400 m run
2 rds with empty bar
5 Hang muscle clean
5 each front rack lunge
5 push press
5 good morning

B – Power Clean (3×5 across )
men add 10 pounds women add 5 pounds from 9/13/16

C  -Banded Bench Press (9×3 @55%+ 2.5-5lbs)
if you bench less than 200 pounds use doubled micro mini bands (orange)
if you bench more than 200 pounds use doubled mini bands (red/ or black) 1 cm thick
wide grip pinky on inner ring
mid grip thumbs distance from smooth
narrow edge of knurling by the smooth
Tempo 11X1; men add 5; women 2.5 to the 55% bar weight
D – Bench Press (8 reps)
Tempo 11X1; add 5-10 more pounds from last week ; Close Grip; move the bar fast
*Accessory ; Bent Over Row (3×8 across); Tempo 22X1
use a load light enough so you can pause 2 seconds with bar at the chest ; this is for quality
focus more on the back and less on the biceps
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