8 Minutes of Hip/Rack (click on links for details)

A- WU- 5 Minutes AMRAP @ 70% RPE of: 5 Double K.B. Clean (HBD)/5 Each D.B. Power Snatch (HBD)/5 K.B. DeadLift/5 Each 1 Arm D.B. Thruster

B- Hang Clean- 15 Minutes To A Challenging Single

C- Deadlift- 15 Minutes To A Challenging Set of 5 Reps

*D- NFT- 100 Each Hollow Rock/Superman Rock


A- 2 RNFT of: 10 Each Stationary Lunge/Air Squat/5 Push Up/5 Pull Up/5 Dip/5 K2E

B- 3 RFT of: 200M Run/75 Double Unders (150 Singles)/50 Air Squat/25 Calorie Row

C- NFT- 100 Each Tuck Up/SuperMan

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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  1. Tambot
    Tambot says:

    Who would be interested in doing a 718 Thanksgiving Dinner? It would be a healthy potluck style feast.

    Sunday November 15th at 5pm…

    Let me know. If we can get like 20 people we should do it.

  2. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    Extra Credit : Flight Simulator – 10:17

    All rounds except 45 on the way down with no trips, thank God.


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