8 Minutes of Hip/Shoulder Mobility (Click links for details)

A1- WU- 200M Run/250M Row @80-90% Sustainable Pace
A2- 2 RFQ of:
1 WallWalk
5 Each Alternating WallFacing Shoulder Taps
5 Push Up
5 Each Alternating Stationary Front Lunge
5 Jumping Squat

B1- Squat- 5@ 50% + 5@70% + 4@70% + 3@70% + 4@70% of Heavy Single From 09/19/16
@31X1; 90-180 Seconds Rest
B2- Weighted Dip- 3/2/2/2@90% of Heavy Single From 10/19/16
@21X2; 60-90 Seconds Rest   -20 Minute Cap

Notes: Perform B1 and B2 as a superset.

C- 3 RFT of:
400M Run
500M Row (Damper 6/3) @80-90% Sustainable Pace   -12 Minute Cap

718 Strength
A -Warm-up
Max Effort 800m Run
B – Deficit Deadlift (3X8 across @75-80% of 2RM)
Use a Rogue 45lb Bumper to create the deficit; Tempo 21X1
Make sure you control the weight down ; Remain tight throughout the entire set
2RM from 9/12
C – Handstand Push-ups (1 set ME, then 2X@50%)
1 set Max Reps; rest 2 minutes rest
then 2 sets at 50% with 2 minutes rest between sets
If you Cannot do Handstand Push-ups do Dual DB press for max reps at 33% body weight per arm
Do 2 sets at 80% of the reps after the max attempt – 8 minutes
D – 8 UB rounds
:10 hollow hold
10 tuck ups
This is challenging; Try your best to go all 8 rounds
If it gets hard rest before the next set of hollow hold and try to get the hold and tuck ups UB before you take a break
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