8 Minutes of Shoulder/Wrist/OH/Thoracic/Knee/Hip/Ankle Mobility

A- WU- 3 RNFT of: 10 Calorie Row/5 Ring Dip/5 Press in Split (skip to 38 seconds/75/45)/5 BTN Split Jerk/5 Each Rolling Pistol   -9 Minute Cap

B- BTN Jerk + Jerk (Split both/From the rack/Drop first rep as necessary)- 12 Minutes To a Challenging Single for the complex + 1/1@95 + 1/1@90%   -15 Minute Cap

C- 3 RFT of: 10 Chin Up/8 Push Press (115/75)/6 Pistols Each Leg/10 Deficit Push Up (45/25# plates)/15 GHD Sit Up   -15 Minute Cap

*D- NFT- 100 Banded Pull Aparts + 100 Banded Push Downs

*= Complete as much as possible in time remaining.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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