A2: M.B. Hot Potato Game
Can also be done in an air squat.
**Use 10# M.B.

B: 4 Rounds of:
400M Run
30 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20″)
80 Air Squat
500M Ski (5/3)
C: Partner Tabata Rainbow WallBall (8 Rounds for reps)
8 Rounds of: 20 Seconds Max Rainbow WallBall; 10 Seconds Rest @90% Hardest Sustainable Pace
In teams of 2/switch sides each round/Score=Total reps completed in 8 rounds.

3-4 Minutes WU + @90% Hardest Sustainable Pace; Rest 5 Minutes
D: FLR on Rings (Accumulate 4 Minutes)
Basically a plank on rings