8 Minutes of Hip/Shoulder/Wrist/Rack/Ankle Mobility

A- WU- 3 RNFT of: 5 Wallball Max Height (20/14#)/6 Standing Broad Jump Max Distance/7 Burpee

B- Thruster- 12 Minutes To A Challenging Triple (From the rack)

C- 3 Minutes To WU Rope Climb + 4 RFT of: 250M Row/2 Rope Climb/7 Thruster (115/75) or 4 RFT of: 7 Ring Row/7 Thruster (85/55)/250M Row

D- NFT- 100 GHD Hip Extension

N0tes: Partition as needed.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    Thrusters! Yay!

    That aside – I mentioned this to a few people in passing on Wednesday but also wanted to toss this out to everyone reading the blog… some of us are planning to get a bite after the 7:00 class tonight. It’s informal and all are welcome, whether or not you were planning to work out tonight at all.

    For now the plan is Sea Witch. They have a walk-up counter for food, and fermented paleo and non-paleo beverages for those inclined.

    This had been a monthly-ish thing in previous years during the warmer months. Hopefully that will be the case again this summer. So expect this kind of message to show up again, with a bit more advance notice in the future.

  2. Coach TamBOT
    Coach TamBOT says:

    Thanks for the invite Dave! Bailey and I were going to chill at the Box, grab some cheep beer and play Rummy 500.. We were hoping to recruit some friends too.. How does that sound??

  3. Tina D
    Tina D says:

    May not be a lot to most, but I PR’d my deadlift tonight (by far my weakest lift) which has been long time in the making- 240# and I’ll take it!

    Regionals WOD with Marcos
    500m row/125 DU
    50 deadlifts (we both scaled, no shame in that 255/165)/hold from hang
    50 t2b/dead hang

    400m sled drag 100#
    This is way harder than it looks, I could’ve sworn at some times someone was pulling from the other end bc it felt so heavy on the concrete!

    3×10 /1×8 75# strict press

    Really need to get stronger! Get me on that strength cycle!!

  4. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    A) 3 RNFT of: 5 Man Maker (45×2)/5 Burpee/5 Squat Jump/10 Calorie Row
    B) Bear Complex = 7x Squat Clean Thruster + BTN Thruster – 110lbs
    C) 4 RFT of: 200M Run/3 rope climb/7 Thruster (115) – 10:23
    D) Reverse Hyper- 15/15/15 (95lbs) + 5 Rds of: 3 K2E/2 T2B/1 C2B
    E) Double burger with the Friday night crew!


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