8 Minutes of Hip/Lumbar/Ankle/Knee Mobility

A- WU- 4 Minute AMRAP of: 10-25 Continuous Double Unders/10 Ball Slam (20/15#)

B- 5-8 Minutes WU HPC/Front Squat + EMOM For 12 Minutes: On the Even Minute- 5 HPC (135/95)/On the Odd Minute- 5 Front Squat (135/95); 5 Minutes Rest after EMOM

C- 3 RFT of: 21 USSR K.B. Swing (24/16Kg)/21 Goblet Squat   -10 Minute Cap

D- NFT- 20/20/20/20/20 GHD Hip Extension + 20/20/20 Banded Good Morning (challenging)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Tamy
    Tamy says:

    Soooo what do you guys think about the whiteboard???

    The trial is over and I would like some feedback today please.
    Do you like it, do you use it? How can it be better? Why do you like it?

    I personally love it, it is a great tool for the coaches to use to get to know everyone better. It easy to use once your logged in. It could use a few more basics features like a nutrition log and a freakin app for the athletes page.

  2. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    I like it, I use it.

    If there was a way we could leave comments on it for everyone to see easily, I think that could also be good. The message board seems to be largely gathering dust now that everything gets reported to the Whiteboard.

  3. TinaD
    TinaD says:

    I second that- I like it, I use it.

    Open Bar

    142 UB DU- PR (my new Purple rev rope!)

    Snatch- 65/75/95/110 F/115/120 F Got under it, but wasn’t stable enough to stand- so next time, it’s mine!

    MU practice- got 2, which is better than none!

  4. Dariel31
    Dariel31 says:

    I like the white board. I wish some ppl use their real names. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I did front squats with 95lbs today.

  5. Shara
    Shara says:

    It’s easy and fast, but I’m old school and still like my regular notebook too 🙂

    Also, second what Dave said about wishing there was a place for comments on it – I like the notes back and forth sometimes with blog comments,

    I’d use the Whiteboard, but I’m not sure if there’s something better out there or if it’s really worth paying for…

  6. Coach Tambot
    Coach Tambot says:

    Thanks guys!!! I really appreciate your feed back,

    We have almost 80 registered, looks like the whiteboard got more Athletes to participate in posting scores and gave new members a easy way to track their WODs. We can always keep the conversations going on right here..

    I had a chance to jump in at 10am this morning, big old class!! that was fun, wish i could have went unbroken on those goblet squats.

    Great work tonight in my classes everyone was very dialed in. Good one Iz

  7. Greg H
    Greg H says:

    The whiteboard is dope. It has virtually replaced my notebook.

    I third dave on the comment thing. It discourages community the way it is set-up IMO.

    I also agree with Dariel, i wana know who my competitors are..msof…

    I think that we should be able to see the workout on the whiteboard, instead of having to leave the mouse over the tab until the little bubble pops up.

  8. Monkey
    Monkey says:

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