5 RNFT of: 20 Double Unders; 20 seconds rest/5 Wall Walk; 20 seconds rest

Sumo DeadLift– 3/3/3 (sets accross @ 90%1rm)

Sumo DeadLift High Pull (SDHP)- 3/3/3 (75/45lbs); 60 seconds rest

NFT- 50 (Eccentric ROM/Negative) HSPU

NFT- GHD Back Extension– 20/20/20/20/20/20

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  1. cahill
    cahill says:

    OK, I had to GOOGLE this NEGAtive ROM/ eccentric things and I learned 2 things. A. you came up #1 on GOogles search, that is a good thing. B. I guess you focus on working out and getting the excercise on the way down in your HSPU. concentric vs. eccentric.

    • Head Coach
      Head Coach says:

      Sorry for late rePly but the idea is that you start off in a hand stand and lower yourself down as slow as possible and maintaining a hollow body position. In theory it helps to a.overcome the fear of being inverted. b.strengthen the entire kinetic chain. Both statically and dynamically. And c.build endurance in the handstand position. It is how children are taught to handstand, a regressed handstand pushup if you will.
      Hope that explains it?, let me know how you make out with these.

  2. rosie
    rosie says:

    First, that photo is BAD ASS! Strong work, Jacinto!!

    Second, Saturday is my birthday and I’m celebrating with a picnic and lawn games in Prospect Park. Everyone is welcome! We’ll be hanging in the Long Meadow, off of the 3rd street entrance from 2 pm until whenever. Bring a ball or a bag of chips, or just bring yourself! Hope to see you guys there!!

  3. KurtRod
    KurtRod says:

    Came a little early and did some Back Squats and 10 second L sits (more like N sits)
    5 – 135, 5 – 165#, 5 – 185#, 3 – 205#, 2 – 225#, 1 – 240#, F – 250#.
    Pretty close to my PR of 255#.

    Did the first bit of DUs and wall walks, but Dan would not let us progress unless we got our DUs unbroken. In the first round screwed up after 18 reps and had to start over. On the last round I screwed up at 15 reps and had to start over (and two false starts). Otherwise unbroken.

    Sumo Deadlift – 1 – 275#, 3 – 255#, 3 – 255#, 3 – 255#
    SDHP – 3 – 115#, 6 – 115# (kinda rushed these)

    For the last bit did 5 rounds 10 HSPU, 20 GHD back extensions. HSPU were broken up as follow 1 – 10, 2 – 8/2, 3 – 6/2/2, 4 – 6/2/2, 5 – 5/1/1/3

  4. Cory
    Cory says:

    Great change of pace today.

    5RNFT – 20DU’s / 5 Wall Walks
    Did all the sets of DU’s unbroken

    Sumo DL – 3/3/3 @ 295 lbs
    These felt great today.

    SDHP 3/3/3 @ 75
    Very easy but great to focus on form and the hip explosion

    50 HSPU / 100 Back Extensions
    Broke these up 10 & 20 – Set 1,2 were unbroken, set 3 I fell off the wall and split the set 7/3 and then finished up 4 and 5 unbroken. Worked on a slow neg as well as the push back up. All GHD’s were unbroken.

    Then I worked on some butterfly technique. Tom got some wide grips for the bar so we practiced with those and did 6 sets of 5 dead hangs as well. After the first 3 or 4 the grip gives out and you need to adjust. Tough but fun.

  5. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    Love the WOD today 🙂

    Warm Up – 5 RNFT of 20 DU’s and 5 Walk Walks = 3 Rds Unbroken

    Sumo DeadLift – 165×3/165×3/165×3

    SDHP – 45×3/45×3/45×3

    NFT- 50 decending HSPU’s

    NFT- GHD Back Extension- 20/20/20/20/20/20

  6. tomtanzosh
    tomtanzosh says:

    First, I would like to Congratulate Stacie S. on Graduating from the Basic’s. Stacie was my first Graduate and really picked things up quickly. She will be joining our regularly scheduled classes and I know everyone will do their part and welcome her into the group.

    Second, I don’t want anyone to think that I am not part of the team. My comment the other night was simply this, if we do not individually perform well, the team won’t make it to Regionals. So yes the team is important but we all know as individuals there are movements we don’t want to see come out of the hopper. Focus on eliminating your individual weaknesses and the team will benefit. I am working on mine and it’s a long list….

    Third, Nice workout :
    Warmup not timed but fast !

    Sumo Deadlift work sets at 335 x 3 x 3

    SDHP 75 x 3 x 3

    HSPU/Back Ext

    8/1/1 – 20

    Butterfly pullup work
    Wide grip strict pullups sets of 5 for 30

  7. Marina
    Marina says:

    Good chill wod today.. thanks Iz for letting me come in last min 😉

    Did all my DUs unbroken and getting better at wall walks

    Sumo deadlift – 95/125/125 focused on form

    SDHP – 45/45/45

    HSPU – thanks Tom for helping me out with these.. I feel like I’m getting the hang of them did only 25

    GHD back ext – 20/20/20

  8. Head Coach
    Head Coach says:

    Congratulations Stacy welcome aboard:)
    5rnft of: 20 DU’s;20 seconds rest/5 wall walks;20 seconds rest= 3 of 5 rounds unbroken, one round was 19+1 and one round was 1+19(9:08). I get too excited and get tripped up:( 3×3 Sumo Deadlift at 295lbs
    3×3 SDHP RX’d
    50 Kipping HSPU’s
    100 Back Extensions
    Light easy workout, feel great looking forward till tomorrow:)

  9. Mike Batistick
    Mike Batistick says:

    Heddin out of town tomorrow till Sunday, but Tammyli gave me the vacation WOD’s so me and my brother will be doing those while traveling around Block Island. I think we’ll do some endurance stuff since my elbows need the break. Iz and Corey and Tom thanks for all your support today lettin me learn from you, and sorry I sweat so much Marina, it’s just how I is. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

    5RNFT – 20DU’s / 5 Wall Walks
    Did all the sets of DU’s unbroken, wall walks 5/5/4-1/3-2/2-2-2
    My elbows were screamin’.

    Sumo DL – 3/3/3 @ 295 lbs
    I went with Corey, probably too much weight, but I did complete them.

    SDHP 3/3/3 @ 75
    I liked the change of pace simply doing something to get the form right, and not for PR.

    50 HSPU
    10/10 then 5/5, 3/3/3, 6/3/1. Holy crap.
    Those hurt, and my form is for crap once I get into the later rounds. I simply could not get my head all the way down for the last two sets. Felt like a chump.

    100 Back Extensions
    20/20/20 then 10-10/16-4 although it hurt like crazy. That is great, I love those machiens. Tammyli, Corey, and Tom (and I think his name was Chris) helped me out today a lot on these and by third set I had the form down solid.

    I watched Tom and Corey do the butterfly technique, but instead of participating I chose to give Dylan one of my extra coconut waters while I stretched.

    I’m In Miami Bitch, Mike B


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