Free Class Next Saturday

Now is the time to tell your friends about CrossFit!! We added a regular Free Class to the schedule every Saturday at 11:30am, starting September 3rd. This is a FREE class for members who bring a friend or for someone who is interested in trying out our program.  This is an introduction to CrossFit and will help you decide if 718 is the place for you.  This Class is RSVP only, you must confirm your attendance by sending in your email address. 


Refer-a-Friend Program:  For every person you recommend to the program who picks up a mulit-session package, you earn a FREE Class.

The Basics

Wednesday September 7th starts the next beginners cycle and will run Monday’s and Wednesdays @ 7pm.  If you know anyone who is interested in our program send them my way.

Call: (718)768-0090

10 min hip mobility

5 minute Technique Run

6 Rounds of: 3 min run @ 90%;3 min recovery run @ 70%

DeadLift- 10/10/10 @65%1RM; 90 seconds rest


***Due to the weather todays WOD is as follows: 

Warm Up- 5 min AMRAP of: 20 Double Unders/20 Squat Jumps/5 Pull Ups; 3 min rest/PVC Dislocates:shoulder mobility

Press(strict)- 3/3/3 @ 65-80%1RM;30-90 seconds rest after each round.Rest depends on percentage ex:65%=30seconds rest.

Push Press– 3/3/3 @ 65-80%1RM;30-90 seconds rest after each round.

Jerk (split/push)- 3/3/3 @ 65-80%1RM;30-90 seconds rest after each round.

10 min AMRAP of: 25 Unbroken Ball Slams (20/15lbs)/8 Unbroken Ring Dips

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  1. Head Coach
    Head Coach says:

    Congratulations to:Karen/Freddy/Vanessa/Margaret/Lu Ann/Chris/Jimmy/Stephen/John/Gibral/Sensei/Nicole for completing the Basics course. Welcome to CrossFit, good luck! If u guys need any help reach out to me, I got ur back!

  2. rosie
    rosie says:

    So, I’m actually going to order grips and a speed rope. If anyone else wants some, lemme know! I’ll place the order tomorrow morning.

  3. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    Attendance sucks lately, so the 5:30 was pulled from the schedule today.

    It will be like this until labor day.. Keep a close eye on the schedule!!

  4. Karen Tang
    Karen Tang says:

    Was checking out the schedule and see strength series along with Crossfit classes. What is the difference? And do strength series class cost the same as a crossfit class and booked with a monthly package?

    I still do notknow how to read the WOD, is that something i learn in strength series?

    And are all the classes for the day the same exact WOD @718?

    Will i be ready to jump into regular classes?



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