CrossFit 718 is closing out week 2 of Wodapalooza’s online competition.  This week was all about mental toughness, the movements themselves were easy, but when combined with a never ending chipper, it was a whole new game.

WOD#3:  7min AMRAP of 21-15-9 Push Press (95lbs/65lbs)/Pull-ups
It was only 7 minutes long, but it was a burner! ladies:
There was a 3 way tie for 3rd place: Caroline, Chelsea and Shante with 124 points each
We have TamBot coming in 2nd place with 127 points
Michaela in the number 1 spot with 137 points; she was able to go unbroken for the first 60 reps!

The Men:
in 3rd place Patric came in with 149 points
2nd place goes to Hal with an impressive score of 153
Coach Dariel comes in 1st place with 179 points; 1 rep shy of 2 full rounds

WOD#4: For Time: 30 Cal Row / 30 Wallballs/ 30 T2B/ 30 Deadlifts/
30 Burpee Box Jump Overs/ 30 Deadlifts/ 30 T2B/ 30 Wallballs/ 30 Cal Row

This was deceptive, the reps were not insane and the weights were low; but those burpee box jump overs get you good, felt like jumping over a fence 6′ high.

The Ladies:
Samantha comes in 3rd place with an impressive time of 21:51
Chelsea finishes 2nd with a sun 20 time of 18:55
Shante coming in 1st place making this WOD look easy with a time of 18:40

The Men:
In 3rd place we have Dariel with a time of 17:20
Patty came in 2nd at 17:16
1st place goes to Hal who crushed this workout with an impossible time of 16:34

Special shout out to Tina who is competeting in the womens masters divison 40-49. On the leader board she is currently standing in 27th place.  With one more week to go anything can happen! If Tina finshes top 25 she will get an official invitation to Wodapalooza in Miami this January! 

Overall Standings:

Name: Rank/ Points 


  1. Caroline: 209/971
  2. Tammyli: 221/1008
  3. Chelsea: 230 / 1033
  4. Shante: 258/ 1226
  5. Michaela: 276/1183
  6. Sam: 278/ 1194
  7. Anne: 503/2101


  1. Dariel: 102/672
  2. Patrick: 124/765
  3. Hal: 385/1734
  4. Dave: 500/ 2097
  5. Chris: 591/2459
  6. Sean: 759/3174
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  1. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    I updated the Stats… pulled this info right from their website.. now you can see where we stand in the nation & in our box.

    Great work guys 🙂


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