CrossFit 718 is finished with the Wodapalooza’s online competition.  This challenge tested strength & conditioning over the course of 3 weeks.  Here are the overall standings. Congratulations to our homie Tina, who crushed this online challenge! She finished  in 26th place for the Masters 40-49 division ( #thisis40 ).  Her best finish was in WOD #3 coming in 12th place. Be sure to give her a high five when you see her around the box! 

Thank you for participating; now its time to prepare for the Liftoff coming up on Sunday, November 8th

Overall Standings:

Name: Rank/ Points 


  1. Caroline: 199/1443
  2. Tammyli: 200/1449
  3. Chelsea: 239/ 1692
  4. Michaela: 246/1709
  5. Sam: 242/ 1701
  6. Anne: 419/2786


  1. Dariel: 97/980
  2. Patrick: 128/1179
  3. Hal: 336/2513
  4. Dave: 404/ 2917
  5. Chris: 455/3277
  6. Sean: 577/4125
7 replies
  1. Coach Iz
    Coach Iz says:

    Im really proud of all of you guys. Congratulations to everyone who participated.
    Good luck Tina, I really hope you get to go you earned it!

  2. coach iz
    coach iz says:

    A huge congratulations also go out to Marisa for graduating from the academy today. Amazing percerverance and tinacity, you exemplify hard work and dedication! We are all really proud of you champ:)

  3. Sam
    Sam says:

    Congrats Tina!! I’m hoping for a Miami vacation!

    Also, not to be a stickler… I think I’m 4th? (Insert bashful emoji/smiley face)

  4. Coach Tambot
    Coach Tambot says:

    OMG I am Officially the worst and most careless update person out there.

    I’m not in charge of this next time



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