Aimee Huang

Before joining CrossFit 718 in January of 2016, Aimee Huang was a self-professed “gym hopper.” She knew what she wanted in terms of her health, but she struggled to stay motivated in a typical gym environment. So she jumped from one membership to the next… until she landed in the New You program. 

Aimee immediately loved CrossFit’s constantly varied workouts, but she appreciated the community even more. The athletes, coaches, and supportive environment kept her coming back, even after the New You program wrapped up. She now trains with the Olympic weightlifting group and hopes to one day compete!

Read our Q&A with Aimee and get to know June’s Athlete of the Month! 

How did you discover CrossFit?

I saw a Facebook ad for CrossFit 718’s New You Program and decided to join while I was still hyped on New Year’s resolution mode.

What made you stick with CrossFit?

I knew nothing about CrossFit when I joined except that it was a hipster thing to do. The workout itself was challenging but doable. The blend between weight training and conditioning has kept me sore!

But the main things that keep me going are the coaches and members. When I first stepped into the box, I saw some of the fittest and sexiest human beings ever (shout out to Tina!)! The level of involvement and motivation that CrossFit 718’s coaches provided was something I’ve never experienced before. The close-knitted-ness and friendliness of everyone at the box is the magnet that has kept me here for two years and counting.

What kinds of changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit?

I was a serial “gym hopper” before coming to CrossFit 718. I knew what I wanted in terms of health, but I did not feel motivated. Surrounding myself with people who took their health and body goals seriously at CrossFit 718 has really changed my perspective on what it truly takes to reach my own goals.

After dropping 10 pounds during Tammy’s Eat Clean challenge over the holidays, I discovered that perhaps I, too, have what it takes to succeed. Seeing results from these challenges has provided me motivation to continue striving harder for my goals.

Socially, I’ve also gained a second home and family at the box! It is much more rewarding and fulfilling to succeed alongside your teammates.

How do you make time for working out?

As health and weight loss have been long-term goals of mine, there came a time in my life when I just had to buckle down and focus on striving for them. I make it a priority to block out time for working out. It’s something I look forward to every day because I know I will always feel better afterwards.

What’s your favorite lift? 

Squats are my favorite movement, as I’ve had a very solid form from the beginning (some say it’s because I’m Asian!), which, in turn, makes any movement with squats my favorites: wall balls, back/front squats, thrusters, etc.

What recent achievements are you most proud of?

After a bloody and perma-scarring incident with a wooden box, I’ve always been afraid to do box jumps. But with encouragement from Coach MJ (and some aggressive shouting from Coach Hal), I can confidently use 20″ boxes now!

Oh and I’ve also shaved a whole minute off my Karen time. Woo!

What goal are you working on?

After discovering a fondness and appreciation for Olympic weightlifting, I’m constantly trying to perfect my lifts, especially the snatch because it’s so darn cool-looking when you get it right! Coach Iz and Coach MJ’s passion for weightlifting really rubs off on ya’. Hopefully, one day I can rock a singlet at a weightlifting meet.

What do you do when you’re not at the box?

I’m blessed with a really flexible job as a visiting nurse. It allows me to come to the box and attend grad school at the same time. When I’m not studying or working out, I like to dabble in video games and board games with my friends. I also have a strange habit of watching Korean mukbang videos while I eat my salads—kinda gives me a psychological kick.