FIVE YEARS: The History of CrossFit 718
By: Jenessa Connor

We say it all the time: our community is what makes our box so special. After all, CrossFit 718 was a group of people before it was a physical place.

After years of personal training at a local health club, Coach Iz began running group classes in Prospect Park in the fall of 2008. About a half dozen people (including current members Chrystie and Cory!) would show up each weekend to work out with a collection of handmade sandbags, old kettlebells and whatever other random pieces of equipment we could transport. Tammy ran the security detail, watching everyone’s wallets and bags. The open-air setup worked just fine until the winter months began to approach. The temperature was dropping, but we wanted to keep the class going.

We became a traveling fitness class, borrowing space throughout Park Slope until we settled in a small basement on 7th Ave. Some of our very first members helped us paint and set up the space. It was right around this time that we gained enough committed members – 30 in total – to begin the CrossFit affiliation process. In October of 2010, we officially became CrossFit 718, the third box to open in Brooklyn.

It wasn’t long before we outgrew our space and moved to the location on 5th Ave. where we started so many traditions and made tons of great memories. Our Halloween parties, beach WODs and field days were epic, and more than once the community surprised us with much-needed gifts for the box. Many of our kettlebells, plyo boxes, medicine balls and our whiteboard were all gifts from the community. And last year we were given a family vacation, which as so thoughtful.

Now, at our current location, we’re continuing to grow and get stronger – both as individual athletes and as a community. We’re committed to constantly building, improving, adding new equipment and continuing our education. We’ve already dealt with our first big challenge, the Fight for CrossFit 718, and proven that we can overcome any situation when we work together. We know that the box on 3rd Ave. is our home; we’re not going anywhere.

And, we’re going to celebrate! FIVE YEARS is a big deal. We want to gather all of our athletes, friends, family members and anyone who’s ever been a part of our journey in any way to toast the past, present and future of CrossFit 718. Please join us for our five year anniversary party on Saturday, October 24th.

Like any history, ours is full of ups and downs, but there’s always been one constant: our community. We are so grateful for your continued support and can’t wait to get even healthier and stronger with you. Here’s to the next five years!

  • Tammy and Iz
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