Katie Mountain

For Katie Mountain, CrossFit is a family affair. Her brother owns an affiliate and has always encouraged her to join a box. But it took a cross-country move to inspire her to finally trade in her living room workouts for functional fitness. Now she’s part of the CrossFit 718 family!

Since joining us in January of 2018, Katie has consistently crushed her goals (like strict pull-ups!) and set new PRs. If he could see her in action, we know her brother would be so proud of her – we certainly are!

Check out our Q&A with Katie and get to know August’s athlete of the month!

How did you discover CrossFit?
My brother owns an affiliate in California. CrossFit is his life, and he has always motivated me to join a box.
Before CrossFit, I did HIIT in my living room. It’s pretty much exactly like conditioning here at the gym, but WODs are better because I want to focus more on the strength/weight training.

What made you stick with CrossFit?
I stuck with CrossFit because I’m new to New York and I didn’t know anyone, Tammy and Iz welcomed me with open arms and immediately made me feel like a part of their CrossFit family. They’re amazingly good people, and I feel like they make me a better person mentally and physically.

What kinds of changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit?
I feel my changes more than anything. Every day I am able to go a little faster and lift more. I’m still new, though, so everyone tells me I will continue to PR.

How do you make time for working out?
I don’t do anything else besides work and work out, so it’s easy to make time.

What’s your favorite lift?
My favorite movement is a hang clean. It makes me feel like a badass, and it’s hard to screw up the movement.

What goals are you currently working on?
My main goal right now is strict pull-ups. I work on those every single day, even if only for five minutes. I’ve never been able to do a pull-up and now I can do 10 singles at a time. My next goal it to be able to do two in succession!!! It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve done the pack test for firefighting. I can do kipping pull ups all day, but strict? Forget it! Drives me crazy.

What do you do when you’re not at the box?
I am the controller of a construction company called MTB AMG Inc. We build high rises in the city. My job takes up most of my life. I love what I do. It’s extremely difficult but it keeps my mind occupied. I love being relied on the way I am.