Athlete of the Month: Hal DellaTorre 
By: Jenessa Connor

If you’ve started using the hashtag #HalSmash in your CrossFit-related posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then you’re already familiar with September’s athlete of the month. Despite being a member of CrossFit 718 for less than a year, Hal DellaTorre has become a huge part of our community. Hal not only brings enthusiasm and intensity to every WOD, but he’s also made working out a family affair by getting both his wife and son involved in CrossFit.

We asked Hal a few questions about CrossFit, family and life in general. Here’s what he shared.

How did you discover CrossFit?
I work for the New York City Department of Sanitation, and my routes are in the neighborhood of CrossFit 718. I used to pass by the box as I was doing my route and noticed the athletes training outside and inside. They were doing stuff that looked different and interesting. Then I started popping my head in every once in a while and eventually introduced myself to Iz. I joined CrossFit 718 in November 2014.

Why you do CrossFit?
I CrossFit because it’s always a challenge, and I like a challenge. In CrossFit there are different levels, and you always have to try to get to the next level. The fun part is you never know what level you can make it to! In CrossFit you’re always trying to do better than you did the last time.

What’s it like to work out with your family?
Doing CrossFit with my family is fun – being there together, pushing each other to do better and helping each other out along the way. Watching my wife and my son in a WOD is a great feeling. It’s awesome to all have the same thing in common.

What’s your favorite lift/movement/WOD and why?
I have to say my favorite lift, movement or WOD is whatever I struggle with the most. I figure that if something is tough and you’re really not too good at it you should work at it more. Make that thing your favorite WOD, lift or movement until you get it.

What’s a recent achievement or PR that you’re proud of?
The most recent PR that I’m proud of is on my clean and jerk. My last PR was 225 pounds. At the throwdown a month or so ago ICF 718 Block Party-9814 was watching other competitors do lifts and one guy hit 250 on a clean and jerk. I never thought I was going to be able to match that. But, to my surprise, I had almost a 20 pound PR by hitting the 242 pound clean and jerk. I can’t tell you how happy I was. Everybody was screaming and cheering. It’s like it was meant to happen. It was one of the most amazing times I had.

What are some of your current goals?

A goal I’m working on is to podium at one of my Spartan races. I also want to make myself better all-around, and what better way to do that but at CrossFit? CrossFit is always pushing you to be better, and to be better is one of my goals.

What do you do when you’re not at the box?
When I’m not at the box, I’m a sanitation worker, a husband and a father of three. I am also an elite Spartan racer. I do lots of other training outside of the box including running, accessory work, mobility and stretching.  If I’m not training, I’m just trying to have a good time – maybe at a theme park, waterpark or on a nice vacation. If all else fails, I like to just jump on the Harley and go cruising.

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