8 Minutes of Shoulder/Wrist/Back Mobility

A- WU- 500M Row @80% RPE + NFT- 50 Moderately challenging Banded Pull Aparts + 2 RNFT of: 6 Pull Up (ring row)/4 C2B Pull Up (kipping pull up)/2 Bar Muscle Up (jumping bar muscle up)

B- Press- 12 Minutes To A Challenging Single + 5 @70% of Above EMOM for 5 Minutes (Tempo: 2/2/X/0)

C- Weighted Pull Up- 6-8 Minutes To A Challenging Single + 3 @ Aprox. 80% EMOM for 7 Minutes

D- HSPU- 6 Minute AMRAP of: Strict HSPU (Practice)


A- WU- 250M Row @80-90% RPE + 3 Minutes To WU Thruster (45/35/15)/Pull Up

B- Double Jackie= 2 RFT of: 1K Row/30 Pull Up (Ring Row)/50 Thruster (45/35/15)

C- For Time: 1 Mile Run

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    I want to thank our community for all the donations! We received another $1000 last night Via Check so we are up to $7,130.00

    You guys are awesome

  2. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    Loved the Crossfit Cardio class tonight! Great stuff! Heat wave and cardio are not 2 of my favorite things but can’t pass up the first inaugural class. When are t-shirts being made?


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