You may know her as The Movement Maestro. Others might recognize her as the 15th ranking female athlete in the region for the scaled division of the 2015 CrossFit Open. But around the box, we just call her Shante.

Shante Cofield, CrossFit718 member since May 2014

CF718: What’s your occupation?

SC: Physical therapist and general human movement fixer. I’m the Movement Maestro. Come visit me at the box. Your body will thank you.

CF718: What’s your favorite lift/movement/WOD and why?

SC: Anyone who has been at 718 longer than about 1 day knows I have bad knees, and thus squatting really isn’t my friend. In the same vein, I don’t care much for heavy lifting, but I will do bodyweight exercises ‘til the cows come home. Despite, or perhaps because of, my decrepitude, I do have a penchant for hang power cleans. From a movement perspective, that lift has tremendous carryover for any athlete looking to be even remotely successful, irrespective of their sport. As for favorite WOD, I’d have to go with Tambot. Lots of body weight movements and a little bit of weight lifting mixed in to keep it spicy.

 CF718: Tell me about a recent achievement or PR that you’re proud of.

SC: A few months back I hit 225#x3 deadlifting and was totally stoked. Before then I had always stopped around 160# or so, simply because I was afraid of hurting my back and really had no reason to go any heavier. That day I was feeling good, just put on the weight that Coach Iz said, and hit it pretty easily. I’m looking forward to seeing just what I can do with that lift in the future. Definitely got my eye on the 300 club.

CF718: What’s one of the goals you’re currently working on?

SC: Given my fondness of bodyweight movements, this year I’m looking to get my first muscle-up and a 10 ft. handstand walk.

CF718: What is your Fran time?

7:46 Rx  😉

CF718: Why do you do CrossFit?

Plain and simple: to become more human.

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