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At our first meeting we will go over the specific guidelines for the challenge, as well as do an official weigh-in. Everyone will declare their level of commitment either Strict Paleo/ Normal Paleo or Primal. You will be given a specific daily block requirement to stick to throughout the challenge, based off your body type and the recommendations made from the Zone Chart.

Basic Paleo & Zone knowledge should already be known. For a basic explanation of the Zone Diet click here, for a basic explanation of the Paleo Diet click here.

First Meeting: Saturday 11/28, 6pm – Know the guidelines, set your goals, and learn about Paleo/Zone
Fee: $30 cash nonrefundable
Challenge dates: Tuesday 12/1 – Friday 1/1
Benchmark WODs: Tuesday 12/1 & Saturday 1/2
Last Meeting & Celebration: Saturday 1/2, 2pm – Ugly Sweater Paleo Potluck to finish off the challenge

Challenge Guidelines
Every morning you start your day with 3 points. You can gain or lose points according to below, and you can get a maximum of 7 points each day.

You loose 1 point every time you:

• eat a food that is not allowed ( See below for more info) or
• go over your daily allowed zone blocks

You earn 1 point when you:

• Workout for 60 minutes
• Sleep 8 hours
• Stretch for 10 minutes
• Submit your nutrition log via Facebook or MyFitnessPal

Other ways to earn points:

• Attend meetings (3 points)
• Submit before and after pictures, side and front view (5 points each for before and after)
• Random weekly challenges (no cell phone during meals, who knows?)

Prizes will be determined by participation; if more people participate, we can give more prizes!
Male & Female 1st Place –  Strict Paleo – 25% of the pot each
Male & Female 1st Place – Normal Paleo – 15% of the pot each
Male & Female 1st Place – Primal –  10% of the pot each


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