Burpees & Beer

We want to celebrate CrossFit 718’s 9th year Anniversary with some Burpees, Beer & Cheers.

Its our annual team of 3 workout, a super fun user friendly WOD. Come spend time with your CF718 Family. Ask a couple of friends to be on your team, grab a 6 pack and let’s have good time.

Hope you can join us!

  • WHEN

    Sunday – November 24th – 12pm – 3pm

  • WHAT

    Burpee & Beer – Team of 3 WOD

  • WHO

    CrossFit 718 Athletes (Members)


    $20 per person

    Gets some SWAG!


    At CrossFit 718


    There will be no winners; but you do get bragging rights. SWAG for anyone registered by 11/15/19

14:00 AMRAP – 9 reps each

  • Wallball
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Pull Ups
  • Toes to Bar
  • Box Jumps
  • Burpees
  • DeadLifts 95
  • Ski Calories

In teams of 3, each teammate working at the same time. Each partner must remain in the same order through out the duration of the workout.

Score = total reps accumulated by the team.

Don’t want to workout, cant stay long…

No problem, come hang out with us. It’s a Social event.


How Much?

$20 per person 

Do I need to create a Team before the event?

Yes, we’d like to you create a Team. Any team goes! MMM/ FFF/ MMF/ FFM

If you need help email Coach Tammy at info@crossfit718.com

Do you have to workout to hangout?

We encourage everyone to jump into the workout.  But, you don’t have to participate in order to chill out with your friends.


Register is Closed 🙁

Is it Rx or Scaled?

The workout is for everyone, it is also just for fun, but we’ll have scaling options.

You’re welcome to bring a friend!

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