By: Jenessa Connor

As we near the end of the Whole Life Challenge, you may be feeling mixed emotions. On one hand, it will be nice to let go of some the restrictions and live more freely… But the positive results are undeniable. You feel and look better – do you really want to give that up?   

If you’d like to keep the challenge going, do it! There’s nothing stopping you from taking these guidelines and creating a long-term, healthy lifestyle. But if the Whole Life Challenge doesn’t feel sustainable for longer than six weeks, that’s okay. Use the experience to kick-start a healthier approach to living that works for you. 

Here are a few tips for finding balance after the Whole Life Challenge. 

  • Keep what you liked. Was it actually pretty easy to stay hydrated when you planned for it? Did adjusting your sleep improve your productivity? If certain parts of the challenge worked for you, hold onto them and let go of everything else. 
  • Plan your indulgences. You’ve been dreaming about your favorite pizza, dessert, and cocktail for a month and a half. Resist the urge to house all of them at the same time. Doing so will only set a bad precedent and make you feel like crap. Instead, plan your indulgences. Maybe Friday night is your dessert night, or you limit yourself to two drinks a week. Maintaining some kind of structure can prevent occasional treats from becoming part of your regular routine. 
  • Get an accountability partner. Part of what makes the Whole Life Challenge so effective is the community aspect. If answering to a group and seeing others’ progress kept you motivated, find a friend and plan regular check-ins. How often you check in and what you focus on, whether that’s nutrition, mobility, exercise, or any other lifestyle components, is entirely up to the two of you. 
  • Keep recording your progress. A huge part of any wellness challenge is increased awareness. When you start paying attention to your choices and how they affect your health, physique, and athletic performance, you’re more likely to make better ones. Keep a daily journal or use the Nutrition Journal function on Wodify to make note of your weight, water intake, sleep, and meals at the same time you record your workout.