Some of our members, especially those who have been with CrossFit 718 since the beginning, may already know about the changes we’re planning to make to the box. But for the newbies, here is a little recap and an update.

In 2014, we moved from our former Fifth Avenue location to our current space, which came with new requirements from the Buildings Department. We held a fundraiser to help do the necessary work to completely legalize the space.

In the years since, we’ve met most of the requirements, and last summer we installed a new fire alarm system. This month our work continues. We will be closed for construction on April 15 to allow for the dismantling of the mezzanine. In the next 12 months we will work with a construction team to design and build a whole new mezzanine that’s bigger and better. We’re planning to include showers, a mobility area, a private lounge, and a meeting space.

We are so excited to make these changes, but any kind of progress comes with growing pains. There may be a few hectic weekends as we move forward with construction, so please bear with us. (The final product will be worth it!)

We appreciate your patience, love, and support throughout this process.

-Tammy and Iz