By: Reuben Pearlman

First things first, there are really two conversations to have regarding quality and quantity as it relates to your training program. One is the quality of the individual movement performed during a workout session (e.g., snatch, squat, wall ball, etc.) versus the quantity of reps performed (think of an AMRAP). The second is the quality of your overall workout versus the quantity of workouts performed in a given week or day (e.g., three beast workouts in a week versus six or seven mediocre workouts a week).  Luckily for you, both conversations have the same answer: focus on the quality before thinking about quantity.


Quality Reps: You’ve probably heard this before, but CrossFit is all about functional fitness. The aim is to become proficient in the technique of a movement so that you are able to perform the movement quickly under ever increasing loads. That progression is IMPORTANT – good technique should be followed by intensity and volume. The key to progressing safely is that the quality of the movement must be perfected before quantity (reps or weight) is increased. As the old adage goes, check your ego at the door. Attention to mechanics and quality of movement is the key to long-term health and performance improvements – two main goals here at CrossFit 718.


Quality Programming: Improving your health and fitness is not about beating yourself into a bloody pulp on a regular basis. It’s about maximizing your time in the gym through quality programming and personal effort. When discussing how many times a week (or day, if you’re super fit) you should be in the gym, it’s important to evaluate your current level of fitness. Simply put, it’s very hard to give full effort when you’re physically exhausted – not to mention that too much intense training will almost certainly lead to stagnation and injury. Everybody is different, and it’s important to understand that what might work for one person can be a recipe for disaster for another.


Remember, if you work hard and bring effort to every workout, you can reach your goals. At CrossFit 718, our programming is designed to consistently and safely push you past what you thought you were capable of.


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