This month we said a difficult farewell to a fellow 718’er, Dr. Jason Tabick, who passed away suddenly on May 20, 2019. His passing comes as a shock to us, as he did not have any signs of illness or disease. 

Jason was a larger-than-life person who had a positive impact on everyone he came into contact with. By all accounts, he was a gentle giant who really enjoyed his life and lived in the moment. 

He was selfless. A Doctor of Chiropractic, he flew to Columbia on several missions to treat people he never met for free. His only compensation for traveling around the world was to help people. 

He was a healer who helped several of the members of our community experience a better quality of life through his treatments. Several people testified to his ability to help them feel healthy and alive again. 

He was a compassionate person who would take out time to listen to you and give you advice. At the gym, he would make a lift then walk over and coach someone who needed guidance.

He was into his health and wellness. He was an avid weightlifter who truly loved this community. He would refer anyone he met to us because he believed in what we do.

Jason was a dedicated and loving husband to his wife Sandra, who he met right here at the box. His love for her was immense and beautiful. 

The thing I will personally miss the most about him is having him around at the box to banter and joke around with. He would always challenge me and push me to grow as a coach and person. He would also love to blast heavy metal during his workouts and joke about life. 

To honor Jason and celebrate his life, we are having a memorial WOD on June 13, 2019. We will also have an in-house weightlifting meet for him on July 27, 2019. I hope you can participate in one or both events. 

I would like to ask you a personal favor. Please go get checked out by a doctor. Taking out a few minutes to get checked just might save your life, and I would be eternally grateful.

In closing, I would like to thank the entire community for raising money to help with transitional expenses. So much was raised in so little time. It’s just another testament to the type of human Jason was. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

To Jason, I love you brother and I will see you on the other side. I know you will be there to greet me with a smile and an embrace.

Health and happiness to you all,

Coach Iz