With two WODs behind you and three more to go, now is a great time to re-group and take stock of your 2019 Open experience so far. Are you satisfied with your performance? What have you learned about yourself as an athlete? What can you do to make the most of the next three weeks?

We figured we’d also take the opportunity to check in and share some of our thoughts: 

  • We’re going to go ahead and call our GOT-themed, in-house Open a success. Adding a team element provides a little extra motivation to work hard, and some friendly competition never hurts! 
  • Athletes are stepping out of their comfort zones, pushing their limits, and, in some cases, climbing the leaderboard! Our programming is designed to prepare you for the open, so it’s satisfying to see that work pay off. We hope you’re feeling challenged but prepared. 
  • You can always count on the Open to shake up your routine. It’s fun to see athletes who always attend the same classes interact with different members. We recommend being especially generous with your cheering and high-fives during the Open WODs—now’s the perfect time to meet people and make friends. 
  • Scaling is smart, especially during the Open. The best workout for you is one that’s safe and allows for quality movement and good reps. If you need to cut back on reps or weight, communicate with your judge and make sure the changes are reflected in your score. And if you can’t do a movement with proper form, ask a coach for an appropriate modification. 

Keep up the good work! And please join us for Heroes and Beers, our end-of-the-Open celebration, on Friday, March 22, 5-9 PM. Stick around after your workout or stop by for the festivities.

We’re asking everyone to pitch in $10 for 6′ hero sandwiches. And feel free to BYOB!