Here we are folks closing out week one of WODapalooza over here at CrossFit 718.  We have 13 participants total 7 men and 6 women.. It’s gonna be a tough competition.  
WZA_Combo_LogoWOD 1 – The 3 Postiton Snatch + OHS
On the women’s side of the leader board
  • Sam finishing in 3rd at 90.06…
  • Tammyli coming  in 2nd at 95.11
  • Caroline coming in 1st with an impressive score of 99
For the Men we have 
  • Dariel coming in 3rd with 185lbs
  • Marcos coming in 2nd with 185lb Snatch + 1 OHS
  • Patrick is 1st place with a 200lb snatch and 8 OHS
WOD 2 – 14 Min AMRAP
It was the AMRAP that already in week one can show demonstrate where athletes have weakness.  DU a high skilled exercise   that requires a lot of stamina along side an increasingly heavy thruster. Don’t be fooled that it started of light… That weight got heavy quick.
For the women we have
  • There’s no stopping Michaela  Coming in 3rd with 229 points
  • Coming in 2nd, you have Sam who crushed this with the team on Saturday… You can put anything in front of this girl and she is going to chop it down.  Score of 259
  • Coming in 1st place Tambot rounding out the top 3 by a one point lead
For the men it was a fight to the finish.
  • In 3rd Marcos with a score of 234.
  • Patrick made this look easy coming in 2nd place with a score of 259.
  • And first place goes to Dariel, who managed to get this WOD done all alone with a top score of 265


And to close out week one, here are the overall rankings.  Good luck next week. Take care of your hands and get good rest.  
5 replies
  1. TinaD
    TinaD says: love on this post. Thanks guys. I placed 29th for the masters women. And yes I am listed under Crossfit 718

  2. Tambot
    Tambot says:

    Shit Tina,

    I meant to give you an honorable mention. But you were in another division and I was rushing/ getting distracted at my desk.


    But WOW 29th place is so amazing. Only got to be top 25 to get a golden ticket. Your chances are huge Good luck.

  3. Chris k
    Chris k says:

    29th place that’s AWESOME! You gonna destroy the division, keep it up! 😀

    PS: my last name is butchered lol

  4. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    OMG I totally forgot about Chelsea too 🙁

    Worst coach of the year

    I’m gonna blame the dumb WPZ website a little… But I will own up to my epic mistake. Sorry girls


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