LOE- 2/7/2010

Warm UP-

3 Laps around the block

Dynamic flexibility/Movement Prep

20 seconds each x 5
– Jump Lunge
– V Ups
– Superman’s
– Sit Throughs

90 sec rest

PVC-  Dislocates/ Lat / External Rotation Stretches

Burgerner Warm Up

Skill Transfer excercise

Chipper. 3 rounds-

Dead Lift x 8.

HPC – x 5.
Front Squat x 8.
Thusters– x 5
Push Press– x8
O. H. Squat– x5
Land mines– x8
Virtual Shoveling– x5

Static Stretch/Yoga Poses

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  1. Ernie Cruz
    Ernie Cruz says:

    I like the work out sugestion. I will put it in my routine. I will let you kn0w how I make out. Thanks Ernie


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