More Burpees please…LOE 2/5/10 

One of the best body weight strength and conditioning exercises known to man.                                                                                                                                                

The first team to attempt the LOE for today was less than enthusiastic when I said the word Burpees.  Despite their initial reluctance they soon were cranking out a descending latter of 10-6 reps.  Alternating Burpees with KB Swings after a Tabata of Box Jumps and sit ups proved very challenging to the athletes.  Corey struggled with some heavy weights on the TGU/Bent Row couplet but managed to get four rounds in the alloted time despite being under the weather.  Chrystie was consistently good throughout both couplets and the Tabata Circuit.  We had a little rivalry brewing between Corey and Chrystie, a little friendly competition wont hurt nobody!  Behr held back on the Burpees and the Turkish Get Up’s but went heavy on the Swings and Row’s to redeem herself:)

 A little exercise and a nutritious diet is all the medicine the body needs to look and feel its best 😉

The second team of Ray, Jules and Musa was a little more receptive to the Burpees. They went so far as to spontaneously shout out Hooray when I said burpees.???  Jules crushed the Burpees and grasped the Get up fast.  She struggled with the weight a little but over all impressed me with her attitude.  Ray  is showing improvement every time we work with him.  Ray and Tammy had fun with the photos and Ray had a big smile across his face for most of the work out.  He even sang a little Ave Maria for us before it was all said and done.  Last but certainly not least was (“Mini Coach”) Musa.  At only 7 years of age he decided that he would get in  on the action and joined the second team and provided some memorable moments.  He completed every movement except for the Get Ups which he kept messing up.  Musa was undeterred by my shouts of be careful, hips down, chest up and lift with your legs not your back.  

Musa is my inspiration and I’m glad that he was able to come down and get involved.  Having him be a part of the work out is testament to how scaleable our methodology is.  

The proof is in the pudding so to speak…    So long as that pudding is Paleo pudding!

All in all I think that it was a really fun and successful night and I thank everyone for showing up.  

Keep up the good work and I will see you Sunday at 11am.

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  1. Julie Allen
    Julie Allen says:

    These sessions are tough, but I look forward to them each week. Since I’m not disciplined to work out like this on my own I need these work out sessions to help me stay in shape physically as well as mentally! I love every minute of it! Thanks Izzy!

  2. headcoachbff
    headcoachbff says:

    Julie I think that you have all the discipline you need to push yourself on your own. I think that it is just more fun when the whole group is suffering. LOL

    Please continue to come down you are making huge strides toward healing and achieving your goals. I am proud to say that I work with you and I promise to keep the work outs intense and fun!

    See you Friday 645pm:)


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