Warm UP – Static and Dynamic Flexibility

Tabata – Versa Climber/Row Erg/Bear Crawl

Dead Lift – 5X5

AMRAP- in 20 minutes

10 K.B. High Pull Left/10 K.B. High Pull Right/20 Ball Slams 15lbs/20 Box Jump 18″

Cool Down – Static and Dynamic Flexibility

Courtesy of www.bkfitfactory.com

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  1. Jason J
    Jason J says:

    Did this today but swapped out the Versa Climber & Bear Crawl for more Rowing.

    Dead Lift–205/225/235/245/255 (the lifts @ 255 were singles)
    AMRAP– 6 rounds +1 round of high pulls

    …for whatever reason the ball slams killed me. I think my shoulders are going to fall off.


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