My experience at the games was a Holy one.   CrossFitters from all over the globe were out and about, and representing their boxes well.  Everyone in the crowd was so friendly, passing out knuckle bumps as they passed and high fives all weekend!  The superstar Athletes were so humble and down to earth, most of them took the time out to wish you well and take pictures.  Dont worry, I definitely invited every one of them down to our Box… You never know you just might see Annie Thorisdottir walking through our doors.  I just recovered from my Gamesover!! 

The CrossFit games inspired me!  I want to be a better Coach & Athlete, and I want to get a team ready for next years regional events!! We can do it,  if we work hard – together!!  I promise you all that I will train hard, and I want you all to commit to do the same.

I definitely recommend that you go to the games next year.  It was an amazing experience that was worth every penny.  I have never been to an event where they take such good care of the spectators.   We were given so many give aways/ 3 full days of amazing competitions/ and to top it off every spectator was given free gourmet food & beer on Sunday after the awards ceremony.  Everyone was also invited to an exclusive party, where we had the chance to mingle with the pros… I will be there next year, hopefully with a competition team 😉

Coach Jacinto Bonilla, got a chance to complete his 3rd year at the CrossFit games!! He was sensational, finishing 17th in the World, in the 60yr + division.  Unfortunately he was obligated to compete against athletes that were 10 years – 13 years younger than him.  Coach Bonilla was such a great sport, he was Coaching other competitors when he finished his WODs.  An amazing demonstration of a great CrossFitters sence of camaraderie .  You can watch all of his heats here.  Wow, Jacinto is a famous man, we couldn’t walk 3 feet without someone wanting to take his picture or wish him well.  You should all be proud to call him your Coach!!   


Tammyli Gonzalez


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  1. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    What a beautiful post… I can tell that you really do mean what you have written when I see you coach and train. Thank you for sharing your awesome experience… We are so lucky to have amazing Coaches like you, Iz, and Jacinto. Great job Jacinto!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I agree with Nikki. Thanks for sharing your experience and thanks for being such amazing coaches and friends! xoxoxo


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