LOE– 1/29/10

Warm UP-

Sand Bag Run–  1 lap around the block  (M;35lbs/F;20lbs)

Dynamic flexibility/Movement Prep


Push Up/Sit Up/Air Squat  21/15/9 for time.

PVC– Dislocate/External Rotator/Lat Stretch

Burgener Warm UP

Skill Transfer Exercise

Hang Snatch– 5X5 {Lvl 1 sets across Lvl 2 max effort}

Tabata– MB 4 rounds each (M;20lbs/F;12lbs)

MB Clean,C&J,Standing Lateral Chop,Cross Chop,Wood Chop

Tabata– Box Jump.  4 rounds (20″ M/F)

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