LOE 1/29/10

Thanks to Behr we had a Ball.

Specifically a brand new Red Wright Medicine Ball 20lbs and a brand new Purple Wright 12lbs Med Ball.

We had two classes on Friday, at 645pm we had Corey Chrystie and Behr. Then we had Jules, Jodi and Raymond at 745pm.

Props to Julie and Chrystie for getting there first Snatch’s on. Way to go Jodi on locking out65lbs, over head with good form. Corey ripped 105lbs over head with ease for 5 reps.

Behr crushed the box jump Tabata way to go champ. Raymond finished the Sand Bag Run strong despite some major back discomfort.
Over all a very successful evening. Thank you to everyone for your support. Don’t forget Sunday 11am we are meeting at Prospect Ave. Get there early for some pre warm up stretching.

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