Chippy Sprint

Warm UP-

Dynamic and Static Flexibility

40 yard Sprint- 1X each

Straight, Left Turn, Right Turn, Lateral Heel to Heel, High Knees, Heels to Butt, Carioca, Knee Kick, Lateral Knee Kick, Track Start, Off of Belly and Off of Back.

3 minutes rest

K.B Goblet Squat- 50 each, Jumping Jacks- 50 each, K.B. Swing- 50 each, Mountain Climber- 50 each, K.B. Clean and Jerk- 25 each, Flutter Kick- 50 each, K.B. Figure 8-hold- 50 passes, Sit Throughs- 25 each, K.B. High Pull- 50 each and Burpee and or Squat Thrust- 50 each.

Cool Down-

Static and Dynamic Flexibility

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