LOE 1/31/10

Sunday Jerk

I had a great time with the athletes today.  First up we had Ricardo and ED.K at 10am, who totally destroyed today’s work out. Great job to both of these guys on those heavy Jerks. Hadn’t seen these guys for some time and they powered through today’s events with conviction.

Next at 11am we had JROS and Behr! LOL..

JROS struggled through the Dead Lifts but thankfully his back held up and he killed the Jerks.  Behr pulled a ton on her cleans very nicely done and muscled through the 20″ Plyo Steps Ups even after running 6 miles the day before.

Over all great job by all athletes and the programming was pretty tight… if I do say so myself:D

Thank you to everyone for the support and don’t forget we will be meeting this Friday at 645 and 745pm.

Here are some photos of our Athletes in action.

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  1. rita
    rita says:

    Great site, who chose the colors? it’s very serene. OK now lets see some women kicking ass, this is not a male dominated sport, Bear Princess will not be happy.


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