Run Forest Run!

Skating Across Park Slope.

Friday night’s workout proved very challenging for the athletes.  We started right on time, progressing quickly through the warm-up and the first run.  Then the real fun began, the first leg of the workout was an all out 1 minute maximum effort circuit consisting of: HSPU or Pike Push Ups, Bar Roll Outs, KB Swings and Box Dips sprinkled in for good measure.  Next we followed up with 50X2- Jacks, 4 count Flutter Kicks, MT. Climbers and Jacks. Can you say core work not to mention endurance and cardio.  After another short rest we were back on the asphalt jogging together in a big group.  I’m not going to lie it was really cool I felt like I was part of some covert Navy SEAL team training for a special-ops mission. LOL

The photos from Friday night speak volumes for the effort made by each athlete.  I’m really proud of everyone for finishing the entire workout.  Special shout out to our newest member Angelica who did a good job considering it was her first time.

I’m starting to see the team coming together, motivating each other and having a genuinely good time with one another:)  Warms my heart as a coach to see everyone progressing as individuals and as a team.  You guys are awesome keep up the good work.

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