Happy Valentines Day.

Feeling the Love-

There was something in the air today,  actually it seems like it carried over from Friday nights workout.  Whatever it was we had an amazing time in Prospect Park together today.

Tammy and I arrived early at Connecticut Muffin and met with some of the athletes who had not yet picked up there race packets.  We gathered with the other members of our team at The Knights of Columbus near the Prospect Park.  After some excited chatter we exited the building and made our way to the park and gathered in a make shift coral.  We started off together running the first few hundred feet at the same pace.  Then the crowd began to thin out and I found myself hanging with Behr in the back of the pack.  She had run 9 miles on Saturday and was having some difficulties getting going because of soreness.  Soon Behr’s legs settled down and we came across one of the other athletes who was suffering from cramps.  We finished together at around the 34 minute mark and we received a warm ovation from the other athletes who had all finished ahead of us.  I had a great time and can’t wait till the next big team event.

The run itself was challenging but manageable. I did not really push myself as that was not the reason I ran todays race, instead I focused on technique and tried to encourage the other athletes to finish strong.

I urge everyone to please post there times. I know that some of you felt some surprise with your finish times.

The stars aligned for this event, even the weather was cooperating.  After the run we decided to head to Daisy’s Diner for a hearty breakfast together.  Daisy’s coffee was really yummy and my eggs Benedict was tasty as was the Canadian bacon.  After some funny conversations about diving Tammy reminded me that we had to go get the kids and we decided to leave.

I’m really proud of every athlete for finishing the race you guys were awesome and I really had a good time with all of you.  I will be posting some other events that we can compete in together for fun:)

congratulations to everyone who participated and to everyone who did not please don’t miss out on the next event.

See you all next friday evening.

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  1. Chrystie OBrien
    Chrystie OBrien says:

    Hi Izzy,
    Cory and I had a wonderful time today at the race. The group you have put together is a wonderful mix of great athletes. They are a fun bunch too.
    Cory’s time today was 25.40 and my time was 26.30.
    Thanks for the encouragement and making working hard really fun.
    See you Friday.


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