Today featured a hearty work out made more fulfilling by the humidity and sun shine.. Mmm, mm good.

Despite mother natures pleasantry the athletes gave an awe-inspiring performance.  Behr came with her A game today and was playing to win all day. She ran a bit during the past week so struggled slightly with the sprints and flutter kicks but dug deep and finished the entire work out in impressive fashion.  As did the Warrior who was aggressive  despite being injured.  Her injury to  my surprise was healing up rather quickly and I am happy she did not need any medical attention aside from the ghetto bandage we rigged for her:) LOL

Max arrived late but made up for it by pushing really hard and heavy and finished up very nicely.  Jon was probably the most consistent throughout most of the work out today, wavering slightly on the flutter kicks only.  Steady improvement the last couple of weeks I see, proud of you I am. Keep up the good work you should.

Great job done today by all athletes please remember to stretch and foam roll often especially pre and post hard work outs. An active recovery day is what I recommend  following high intensity work outs like todays.  Make sure you work on muscle elasticity, hydration, nutrition and adequate rest on your recovery days.  Schedule your naps like you schedule everything else they are a priority in terms of productivity so please give them the energy and attention they require.

God Speed-


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