Filthy Gorilla

Well Today’s workouts produced lot’s of smiles.  The athletes worked really hard and had a great time doing it. First up Ricardo and EdK did, 3 min Jump rope followed by 21-15-9 Gorilla Cleans 16kg and Burpees couplet, then 3 min rope with 10X3 2 Hands Anyhow and Russian Twist 16kg each respectively and Super Man‘s followed by 3 min rope and finally  10X2 each  1 arm Snatches and Renegade Row 16kg each respectively.  EdK did very  well all the way through and Rick displayed some really good flexibility and technique today.

Next up we did a modified version of the Crossfit Filthy Fifty which was freaking awesome.  We did it in three heats breaking the athletes into three teams and starting them staggered so they can rotate through the movements.  I modified it a little and even revised my earlier post to reflect some the on the fly changes. After it was all said and done all the athletes agreed that it was fun and had some really fast time to quantify all the hard work.

Bob was the last athlete to come through today and did more or less the exact same work out as Ricardo and EDk did earlier.  Bob struggled through the jump rope but pretty much crushed everything else.    Great job buddy keep up the good work:)

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