LOE 3/7/10

Kettle Bag?

Dynamic Flexability  Static Streches for Hamstrings Shoulders and Lower Back

1 min each of the following (rest as needed-)

Jumping Jacks, Jump Lunges, Ice skaters, Jump Squats, Burpees, Sit Throughs, Mountain Climbers, Half Get UPs, Sit UPs and Flutter Kicks.

2 Rounds For Time

Kettle Bell 1 Arm Clean and Jerk (long cycle) 10 each (M;16kg/F;12kg)

Sand Bag Zurcher Grip Squat 20 each (M;30lbs/F;20lbs)

KB 1 Arm Snatch 10 each (M;16kg/F;12kg)

SB Shouldering (M;30lbs/F;20lbs)

KB WindMill (M;16kg/F;12kg)

SB Bear Hug Alternating Lunge (M;30lbs/F;20lbs)

KB Floor Press (M;16kg/F;12kg)

SB Zurcher Good Mornings (M;30lbs/F;20lbs)

KB 1 Arm Plank Row off of box (M;16kg/F;12kg)

SB TGU (M;30lbs/F;20lbs)

Static and Dynamic Flexability

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