Bags and Bells

Great class today.  Welcome aboard to our newest member AE.

We met at Prospect Park today as the weather was pretty sweet.  First up was Su who was flying solo today.  She had already warmed up prior to me getting there narrowly avoiding a heavy sand bag run.  We started with some static and dynamic stretches and jumped right into it the work out.  She performed really well utilizing moderate weights at the same time employing good form.  She finished strong and overall looked very comfortable with the movements.

Next we had a big group 7 athletes in all including AE.  We started with some static and dynamic stretches and progressed into a 1 mile sand bag run.  At the completion of the run we started 10 minutes of body  weight endurance exercise.  After that we had alternating kettle bell and sand bag exercises.  Everyone without exception did well with some athletes really pushing themselves to the edge of what is comfortable for them.  Its fun to see each athlete push the limits of what they thought they were capable of:)

Last athlete to run through todays work out was Bob.  Consistency should be his middle name.  No major struggles today he had just the slightest bit of trouble with the SB Get UPs.  Great job today buddy keep it up.

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