Mission Accomplished!!!

Okay so today was much better than the last time we did this work out.  It was much more organized and ran very smoothly in comparison to last time.

Before I go to far let me recognize two new comers Tzvi and Mela.  Mela is a fire breather she crushed everything except for the run.  Tzvi on the other hand started very strong but was affected adversly by the sun and had to rest a bit towards the end.  However both athletes considering that it was there first time did acceptionally well.

We had Rochelle come back and she held really strong only showing the slightest signs of fatigue on the run.  Jules was feeling much better from Friday and rocked this work out for the second time.  The strongest athletes for today were Jon R. and Behr who both seemed to cruise through the entire work out with ease.  I think that there performance is testament to BFF’s methodology, “the proof is not in the pudding but in the taste!”

So this week Im attempting to put together a 630am class??? I have 3 people commited any other takers?  Post your opinions to comments.

Great job by all today, lots of O lifting next Sunday:)

See you all Friday night.

God Speed-


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