Small Group continued..

So yesterday we had Chrystie, Corey and Hecht come through and rock out.  It was the same workout done the day before with Max and Angelica but I added a little something at the end to spice it up.  As well as Max did on Friday Corey matched that effort on Saturday.  I was very proud of Corey for finishing the Sprints and the chipper very strongly.  Chrystie showed her prowess on the K.B. movements using very heavy weights and solid technique.  The both of you guys did so well it was hard to tell that you had taken a week off.  Mr. Hecht on the other hand started off really strong but faltered a little towards the end.  For Hecht I would recommend consistency, it is the only way to achieve mastery.  Perfect practice makes perfect so keep up the good work Hecht you are looking better every time I see you.

Another good one.

See you all next Friday and Saturday for the free work out at 36th street at 11am.

-God Speed


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