Cancellations and wounds..

Well lets start with some positive, we had a beautiful day to train and I am very grateful for it.  We had a wonderful work out and we had a really good time together.

Ray put on a show today going hard with the sprints and putting in work on both chippers.  Angelica was consistent throughout today pacing herself and keeping her composer.  Julie pushed so hard and was cruising along until we hit the box jump chipper and that’s when it happened, we had our first casualty. Jules aka Warrior accidentally banged her shin into the box lightly and bang that thing opened up pretty wicked.  After a quick triage by yours truly she was good as new and finished very strong.

With regard to the group I prepared for 6 athletes and only got 3 which I am very unhappy about.  Please if you are not sure you will make it do not commit to being there as I lug enough equipment for the amount of athletes that will attend.

Thanks for everything and see you Sunday.

God Speed-


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