Steps and Bars

Welcome aboard to C.Pollard my good friend who made a long-awaited appearance.

Well we started off with a light Warm Up which consisted of just a little bit of box steps UP’s and Jump Rope. lol

We transitioned into some 5X5 Snatches and saw Angelica and Chrystie get some big Snatches as well as Jodi Corey and Rebecca getting some heavy weight. It was C.Pollard’s first experience Snatching so he was muscling the weight and pressing out at the top but when he develops technique I get the feeling he will develope into a monster.

After the Snatches we did some moderately weighted Snatch grip Deadlifts and Box Dips for only ten minutes. This workout seemed much easier on paper but after the Warm Up and snatches most of the athletes seemed to struggled through this round.

We finished out the same we started but also modified the intervals to make them more manageable. Over all great job by all I think everyone really pushed themselves on this one I’m very happy with the group effort.

See you all next Friday.

God Speed-

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