8 Minutes of Back/Hip/Calves Mobility

A- WU- 3 Rounds @70% RPE of:
9 Calorie Row
12 Air Squat
15 USSR K.B. Swing (HBD)

B- DeadLift- 10 Minutes To A Challenging Single

C- 6-8 Minutes Practice 2-3 Rounds of: 1 DeadLift/1 Box Jump/Add weight/1 DeadLift/1 Box Jump (Smooth and efficient transitions)

CrossFit Open Sectionals WOD 14.3= 8 Minute AMRAP of:

10 DeadLift (135/95)/15 Box Jumps (24/20″)
15 DeadLift (185/135)/15 Box Jumps
20 DeadLift (225/155)/15 Box Jumps
25 DeadLifts (275/185)/15 Box Jumps
30 DeadLifts (315/205)/15 Box Jumps
35 DeadLifts (365/225)/15 Box Jumps

Notes: For Box Jump scale to an appropriate height/For DeadLift scale weight as needed.


8 Minutes of Back/Hip Mobility

A- WU- Tabata- Double Unders

B- 5 RFT of: 20 USSR K.B. Swing (24/16kg)/25 Ball Slam (20/15)/30 Ab Mat Sit Ups

C- Tabata- Lateral Ball Slams (alternate sides each round)

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  1. Coach TamBOT
    Coach TamBOT says:

    Im doing pretty well still my overall goal is to get to be 128 lbs and maintain my numbers. Ive been eating my allotted blocks but i have strayed away from paleo a bit.

    a little bread and mash potatoes this weekend

    No scoring anymore jack


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