A2: The Pizza Game
3 Rounds of:
60 Seconds Max Reps of:
Alternating D.B. Power Snatch (50/30#)/
Walking Lunges (45/25#X2)/
BallSlam (25/15#)

In teams of 2/partner A will complete max reps d.b. snatch/Once A has completed 60 seconds, partner B will complete 60 seconds, while A rest/When partner B has completed 60 seconds, partner A will complete max burpees, while B rest/continue until both partners have completed 3 rounds of each movement in the same fashion/score= total # of reps completed.
C: For Time:
800M Run/
30 K2E/
30 Each Alternating Jumping Lunges/
20 K2E/
20 Jumping Lunges/
10 K2E/
10 Each Jumping Lunges/
800M Run