A2: Jog 400M @50-80% Sustainable Pace; Rest 60 Seconds
A3: 60M Sprint (5 Rounds for time)
@ Intensity/Pace/Tempo

Round 1 @80% Sustainable Pace; Rest 60 seconds/
Round 2@85% Somewhat Hard Pace; Rest 75 Seconds/
Round 3-5@90% Hard Pace; Rest 90 Seconds after each round
B1: 2 RFQ of:
15 Banded Face Pull/
20 Banded Pull Apart/
1 Strict Pull Up/
10 Seconds Bent Arm Hang/
3-6 Second Slow Handstand Negative (Eccentric)/
5 Kipping Swing/
5 Scap Pull Up
B: 30 Muscle-Ups (Time)
30 muscle-ups for time

**Bar Muscle Up’s Only

If you cannot complete 30 reps in 6 minutes,  accumulate as many reps as possible in the time cap.

If you are as of yet unable to complete a BMU, please use this time to practice.

– 6 Minute Cap

C: CGBP (close grip bench press) (12 Minutes To A Challenging Triple + 3/3@90%)
**Ensure that you have a spotter. Grip is just at the edge of the