A2: For Time:
200M Run
200M Run Backwards
200M Run
200M Run Backwards
B: 5 Minute Partner AMRAP of:
10 Synchronized Burpee BJO (24/20″)
20 Calorie Ski
In teams of 2/Partition Ski Calories as needed/Score= Total rounds and reps completed in 5 Minutes.
C:Against A 9 Minute Clock:

50 K2E
100 WallBall (20#-10’/14#-9′)
50 Pull Up
100 WallBall
50 K2E

Only 1 partner working at a time/Partition all work as needed/Score= time to complete or record total # of reps completed

*D: 3 RFQ of:
50′ UB Farmer Carry Max Load; 30 Seconds Rest
25′ Handstand Walk; 30 Seconds Rest
50′ Double K.B. Front Racked Walking Lunges (20/12KgX2); 30 Seconds Rest
*complete as much as possible in time remaining.