A2: 2K Partner Ski @90% Hard But Sustainable Pace; Rest 2 Minutes
In teams of 2-4 depending on size of class, partition as needed/Score=total time to complete 2K
B: Partner WOD
3 RFT of
20 WallBall (20#-10’/14#-9′)
1 Each TGU (20/12Kg)
120M Farmer Carry (2/1.5 Pood X2)
In teams of 2/While partner A completes a round of WB and TGU, Partner B will Farmer Carry. When Partner B is back and/or Partner A is done, they switch and continue in this fashion until both partners have completed 3 rounds each. Score= total time to complete 3 rounds each
C: Partner WOD 2
4 RFT of:
1 WallWalk
10 Ring Row
12 Each K.B. Deadlift  (2/1.5 Pood X2)
20/15 Calorie Air Bike
In teams of 2/While Partner A completes the wall walk/ring row/deadlift triplet, Partner B completes calories on air bike/When both partners have completed requisite work, they will switch/Continue until both partners have completed 4 rounds each/Score= total time for both partners to complete 4